food sovereignty/justice media

Are you interested in learning more about food justice and sovereignty?? What a coincidence! So am I! Because we don’t get a lot of examples of food justice movements in history classes, it’s a lot harder for me to imagine what an effective and systemic food justice movement would even look like than it is for me to imagine what a social justice movement more focused on legal equality looks like. That, I think, we can all at least kind of imagine, as hard as it is to enact. But food justice? What does it look like? Why do we need it? And what does being an accomplice to food justice movements entail? I don’t know, obviously, but below are some articles (and a couple of podcasts and videos) that have helped me mull those questions over in a thoughtful and more educated way. Enjoy!

Real Life: Love, Loss, and Kimchi | Michelle Zauner Glamour

Cheap Eats, Cheap Labor: The Hidden Human Costs of Those Lists | Diep Tran NPR

Chitlins, Tradition, and Food Justice | Carolyn Wysinger Black Girl Dangerous

The Feminist Guide to Being a Foodie without Being Culturally Appropriative | Rachel Kuo Everyday Feminism

Food and Racial Stereotypes | Anonymous Opinion Contributor Denver Post

Stop Calling Vegan Food “Cruelty-Free” | Admin Contributor Ecorazzi

Why Judging People for Buying Unhealthy Food is Classist | Wiley Reading Everyday Feminism

Food Has Played an Important Role in American Social Justice Movements | Martina Guzman Public Radio International

Fast Food Redemption: A Poem | Jezebel Delilah X Black Girl Dangerous

Craving the Other: One Woman’s Beef with Cultural Appropriation and Cuisine | Soleil Ho Bitch Magazine

DIY and Locally Made Food: What the Hipsters Didn’t Tell You | La Loba Loca Black Girl Dangerous

When My Biracial Identity and Eating Disorder Collide | Gina Florio The Establishment

Frankly Not about Food Forests | Toi Black Girl Dangerous

The Truth about How Food Gets to Our Tables and Who Gets Hurt along the Way | Danica Johnson Everyday Feminism

Why the Food Justice Movement Matters | Anonymous Contributor Working Class Perspectives

Popaganda Podcast: Snacks | Multiple Contributors Bitch Magazine

Racist Sandwich Podcast | Soleil Ho, Zahir Janmohamed, & Alan Montecillo

“Product of His Environment” poetry video | Joshua Merchant

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