hillary clinton & women: healing wounds from generational difference*

Being the first person from a major identity group to do something big (such as be a woman AND a major party’s presidential nominee) brings intense scrutiny, as Hillary Clinton’s presidential run has made abundantly clear.  A lot of the conversation about Hillary has focused on her relationship to “women” as a group.  There was controversy earlier this year about comments made by Madeline Albright (first woman Secretary of State) and Gloria Steinem (feminist leader), who expressed some anger and disagreement with younger women who supported Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton.  Their criticisms of these young women focused on what I think we could call “gender loyalty.”  Albright said that the reason young women feel okay supporting Bernie is that they mistakenly think that the work for women’s liberation is over, saying a real revolution would involve a woman as president, and that there’s “a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”  Steinem went for a lower blow and said that young women go to Bernie because “that’s where the boys are.

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