white women, are you fucking kidding me

Yesterday, Libby Chamberlain, founder of the secret, Hillary-supporting Facebook group “Pantsuit Nation,” announced that she was going to publish a book based on the posts in the group. She said that the profits from the book will support her new nonprofit and other progressive organizations, such as the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center. She said that nothing will be published in the book without express, written permission from the poster.  The comments exploded. Some are angry that she is going to be making a profit off of the group, even if that profit is not necessarily financial. Others are defending her, claiming that this will amplify the voice of Pantsuit Nation and raise money for good causes.

To be perfectly frank, for me, this is just the cherry on top of a year in which liberal white women* disappointed me more than I could ever have predicted.  These disappointments varied in degrees of seriousness, but altogether, they paint a picture of the tightly-woven fabric of liberal white women’s bullshit. Continue reading white women, are you fucking kidding me


trump and trigger warnings

The aftermath of the general election has looked something like this: a huge increase in reported hate crimes, a terrifying lineup of potential cabinet appointees, and truly the least passionate, least moving comments about all of this from our president-elect. “Stop it,” he said to hate crime perpetrators.  Not the most effective way to end terror, usually.

The aftermath has also looked like this: protests across the country about the results, a huge surge in donations to progressive organizations, and increases in volunteers for these organizations.  Some things are good; many things are bad.  We need more time than we have, to heal, to organize, to process, to grieve, to plan, to gather our courage and screw it to the sticking place.  And yet, even though we lack time, many people are already working and acting to mitigate the negative effects of the future administration and to continue to move forward from where we already are. Continue reading trump and trigger warnings