Hi! I’m Clare.


I love food and am finding ways to explore that! I’ll document great things I eat, things I make, and write down some thoughts on the politics of food (and other political and ideological things).

contemplating gelato

Because I value understanding where the author is coming from when I’m reading, I think it is right that I do that here. To be upfront: I have found my love of food through economic privilege. I get to be a “foodie” (hate that word but love it when paired with the word “bish” much like the right wine pairing can transform food jk I don’t know anything about that is it true? Anyway) in large part because I get to choose what I eat and what I make to a greater degree than a lot of people. I recognize that, and I hope that this is the beginning of an investigation into food justice and sovereignty.

I want to understand how I, as an individual, can stop perpetuating food insecurity and the exploitation of other people. I want to understand how I can end my complicity in violence against animals. I want to understand how my food choices can stop contributing to climate change and how, through food, I can cultivate a loving and compassionate relationship with the environment and with myself.

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thinkin bout how to change food systems….???

Of course, I also know that though these injustices are perpetuated at an individual level, they will only be solved through huge systemic, institutional, and cultural shifts. I also want to explore how other people are thinking about these issues and start to imagine food systems that nurture humans, other animals, and the physical environment. So that’s why I am here on this blog! I for sure welcome dialogue/critique. Thanks for reading!

ready 2 work for a better world!