tofu tacos

I recently had a brief and intense love affair with fish tacos, in the short period between the time I decided to stop being a baby and give fish a try and the time when I decided to stop eating all meat products, including fish.  I had a really good fish taco recipe that I made quite a lot, and it made me sad to think about never making it again. But as delicious as it was, I decided that I like the spices and the accoutrements more than the actual fish, so I tried making some similarly flavored tofu tacos, and guess what? They were good as fuck! Here is the recipe. There are a couple of potential variations in the recipe, so enjoy playing around! Continue reading tofu tacos


what was good about this election?

It’s almost over!! Haha just kidding! Well, kind of. But that’s not the point of this post. Anyway, this morning, I read a post about how to deal with negative emotions surrounding the election, particularly fear, stress, and anxiety.  It made me think about just how much a presidential election matters.  No, the president we choose in this one election is not the only thing that will determine our political, social, and economic future.  But our president is our head of state, as well as our head of government; part of their job is to represent the people of the United States to the world and to ourselves.  Our president reflects who we are as a country and a people (even if that’s an impossible thing to do), and that reflection can have a deeply negative emotional impact on those of us who are unrepresented.

Whenever I talk with my mom, she brings up the election and how anxious she is about it.  I talked to my former supervisor from my college, and she said the entire trimester has been emotionally colored by the election.  No matter which candidate you support (if any of them), it is hard not to feel despairing about the way that elected officials treat each other and discuss people in the United States, about the amount of money in our political system, about how difficult it is to feel heard, and about the widening of the wealth gap.  A lot of people are voting to prevent a candidate from assuming the presidency rather than to get someone they admire and believe in into office.   In short, everything feels super shitty.

I’ve been feeling all these negative emotions too. But, inspired by the post I read this morning about being mindful in the face of election-induced anxiety and fear, I want to think about the thing that could be positive about this stupid election: a LOT of people are dissatisfied with “the system.”  Continue reading what was good about this election?