lentil and hummus wrap

I made Patricia Wells’ green lentil salad (which I found through Food52’s Genius Recipes series) and put it in a wrap, and it was AWESOME! I’ve been watching a lot of Youtube videos about easy lunch ideas, and most of them involve wraps, so I’ve been craving one for a while.  I finally got my shit together and made some for lunch this week!

I’ve included the recipe for the lentils here, as well as the recipe for the wrap. After you make the lentils, it’s super quick.  Altogether, the wrap is very easy, filling, cheap, and delicious! And, like I said in an earlier post, it’s nice to have cold lunches so I don’t feel weird about forcing everyone to smell my lunch (even if it smells delectable). Enjoy! Continue reading lentil and hummus wrap


what white people gain from racial justice

Though it is still a relatively new area of thinking, there are now many books, articles, thinkpieces, and movies about the toxicity of masculinity and the fact that men- in addition to cis women and trans and gender nonconforming folks- are also negatively impacted by sexism and misogyny.  Though I wish people with privilege were ready to commit to movements for social justice that don’t address them, it is an extremely important and powerful message that puts the responsibility for emotional, psychological, and intellectual healing from sexism on everyone, regardless of gender.  Men, in addition to those marginalized by gender, have to negotiate the harm that has been done to them by sexism, and then together, no longer victims, we will move forward into a new, better era (we hope). Continue reading what white people gain from racial justice

locker room talk

Trump is at it again!  Within the last week, a tape from 2005 was leaked in which Trump said disgusting things about women that I don’t really want to repeat here.  Trump has defended himself by saying that his comments were just “locker room talk.”  There has been a huge backlash against his use of the phrase “locker room talk” by many people, and rightly so.  His aim with the phrase is not to point out the cultural nature of sexual violence, but to ask that people ignore the violence he perpetuated. And yet…I think he has a point when he calls it “locker room talk.” As many activists, academics, and survivors have already established, sexual violence is not an individual problem. It’s a cultural, institutional, and structural one. That means that sexual violence is not only perpetrated by actual rapists and abusers; it is also perpetrated when anyone uses or excuses sexually violent language, when an institution retraumatizes a survivor, when anyone touches someone without their consent (in a sexual way or not), when anyone makes the choice to ignore sexual violence happening around them.

Male camaraderie is often (but, of course, not always) built upon an ethic of violence.  Men often use misogyny, homophobia, racism, classism, and other forms of violence to bond. That means that some men who have never raped and will never rape anyone might laugh with another man about rape.  That means that some men will say things that objectify and degrade women, even if they never physically hurt a woman.   We can’t act like Donald Trump is wrong when he implies that it’s normal for men to talk that way with each other. The whole problem of sexual violence in our culture is that sexual violence is normalized. If rape and sexual assault and harassment and intimate partner violence were seen as unacceptable, we wouldn’t be living in a rape culture.

We should not excuse Trump’s comments, but we also need to contextualize them.  Trump is foul,  but he’s not the only who is.  Locker room talk is real, and as much as we need to hold Trump accountable for what he has said and done (at least 3 women have accused him of rape, including his ex-wife, a former business partner, and one who says he raped her when she was a young teenager), we also need to hold ourselves accountable for our own complicity in rape culture.  When people find themselves furious at one person for saying something particularly sexually violent, but not at the laws, businesses, law enforcement agencies, advertisements, and individuals who also perpetuate rape culture, that is a problem and a part of enforcing a culture of domination and exploitation. We DEFINITELY need to hold those accountable who claim to be disgusted with Trump’s words, but who perpetuate gendered and sexual violence in other ways (looking at you, every prominent Republican who has decried his comments!). And we cannot treat this as an anomaly, because it isn’t.  We live in a world where people say things like this every damn day, and until that doesn’t happen anymore, Trump is only a tiny part of the problem.

peanut noods!

I work in a small office, and it’s easy for someone to fill the entire space with the smells of their lunch, so I’ve been trying to bring lunches that aren’t too pungent.  Peanut noodles are one of my favorites– the recipe is EXTREMELY easy and quick to make, cheap, easy to adjust to your personal taste preferences, and really delicious! I used to make this in the dining hall a lot when I was in college, because most of the ingredients can be found there, and sometimes I just wanted to eat something that I made.  Keep in mind that the proportions of all ingredients can be altered to suit your preferences; play around with it and taste as you go. Enjoy! Continue reading peanut noods!