portobello poblano tacos

I love mushrooms and am always looking for more things to do with them! Go to an amusement park, rollerblade in the park, grab a drink at that new, cool bar in town…Ha ha just kidding, I meant I’m always looking for new ways to eat them!

Anyway, I made these tacos, and they were delicious! They are also very easy to make, and don’t take super long. They are deeply savory, salty, a little spicy, and not too heavy while still being filling! I ate them with a corn and bean salad (just corn, beans, red onion, lime juice, and spices). I watched an episode of Chef’s Table while I ate and felt inadequate, which didn’t feel as nice as the taco I was inhaling. I do not recommend Chef’s Table as a media pairing with this meal, or any meal for that matter. It will just make you feel bad.

Anyway, happy summer! Pepper season (and the season of most delicious things) is nearly upon us, and all of us who work in offices all day have increased staring out the window time by 50% (only some of us are daydreaming of peppers though). Enjoy the tacos and the sunshine, fellow Northern Hemisphere folks! Continue reading portobello poblano tacos


tofu tacos

I recently had a brief and intense love affair with fish tacos, in the short period between the time I decided to stop being a baby and give fish a try and the time when I decided to stop eating all meat products, including fish.  I had a really good fish taco recipe that I made quite a lot, and it made me sad to think about never making it again. But as delicious as it was, I decided that I like the spices and the accoutrements more than the actual fish, so I tried making some similarly flavored tofu tacos, and guess what? They were good as fuck! Here is the recipe. There are a couple of potential variations in the recipe, so enjoy playing around! Continue reading tofu tacos


I visited Chicago spontaneously for a couple of days this week because my two best friends happened to be there at the same time, and I only live a couple hours away. It was super fun to see them; we just graduated from college, so seeing college friends feels really special and exciting these days.  While there, I ate a LOT of amazing food. Here are some of the places I went/what I ate/what I thought!

Qing Xiang Yuan Dumpling – Chinatown

The menu for this restaurant was populated almost entirely by dumplings. An amazing place. We got the chicken + mushroom, pork + pickled Chinese cabbage, and beef + onion. I liked the pork the most; my friends liked the beef. They were steamed and juicy; very straightforward dumplings. SO GOOD!!!!

Minghin Cuisine – Chinatown

We bopped over to this place after the dumpling restaurant (and got boba in between) because they had LATE NIGHT DIM SUM! We were already pretty full but still got an order of bbq pork buns, deep fried pork dumplings, and shrimp dumplings with chives. The pork buns were delicious and sweet. The deep fried pork dumplings were very puffy and hollow, with little filling, but were definitely tasty. The shrimp dumplings had a super gelatinous casing, and were pretty good, although not as good as the other two dishes. Late night dim sum is exciting though, even if the shrimp dumplings didn’t knock it out of the park.

Pierogi Street – Clark and Monroe (the pierogis are the image– they look gross because I’m bad at food photography, not because they are gross)

This is a food truck; it hits up multiple locations (according to foodtruckfinder.com), but I had it on Clark St.  I love pierogis (noticing a theme? savory filling encased in carbs? my favorite foods?), and I haven’t had any in a while, so I was PUMPED to see this truck. I got mushroom + sauerkraut and cheddar + potato, topped with sour cream and peppery caramelized onions. Both were delicious, although I preferred the cheddar + potato variety. They were kinda expensive, but I don’t really have any sense of pricing in Chicago (I’ve only lived in much smaller towns), so it might have been totally reasonable. There were lots of other people in line for the pierogis, so I definitely wasn’t getting ripped off.

Moe’s Cantina – River North

This place was cray cray! The walls facing the street were totally open, and the waitresses were all wearing cowboy boots. Wild. I went here for dinner; we each got drinks. I tried the Dragonfruit Vojito (vodka mojito lol) which was not very good, but my friends got the white wine sangria and the El Sueño (a coconutty cocktail), both of which were very delicious. For food, we got their guacamole which was yummy. I got the goat cheese + rajas tacos; they were SO GOOD. They were just goat cheese, chihuahua cheese, and roasted poblano peppers on corn tortillas. I added some lettuce to mine because one of my friends had a bunch of shredded romaine on her plate that she wasn’t eating and I love shredded lettuce. Definitely delicious. This place also felt expensive, but I think it’s a small town girl goes to the big city thing.

Firecakes Donuts – River North

I know donuts are kind of overrated but these were really delicious! Like they would not change a donut hater’s mind about donuts, but if you’re into donuts, these were solid. I got a “classic jelly” which was filled with an ambiguous berry jelly and covered in sugar. The filling was perfect; plenty of sugar and no seeds, but you could tell it was made with fruit (as opposed to the bright red, corn syrupy filling that some jelly donuts have). They had a lot of flavors that looked good; orange poppy seed and pistachio also stuck out to me (but I’m a jelly donut gurl 4 life sry!).

Saucy Porka – The Loop

This is an Asian-Latino fusion restaurant which are my two favorite broad categories of food, so that was exciting! It also didn’t make me uncomfortable because it is small and Latinx-owned, so it isn’t white people exploiting “exotic” and “ethnic” cuisines for the big buck$$$$. They have bao tacos (aka bacos aka they use the little bao buns and fill them with stuff like a taco), banh mi, rice bowls, tostones, egg rolls, and more. I got the soy ginger tofu bacos and vegetable egg rolls. I love the texture of bao buns, and the tofu was really yummy. Nice and crispy with lots of really flavorful sauce. The egg rolls were also great, but I feel like the bacos stood out more to me cuz they’re so ~creative~.

Big cities intimidate me, but the food choices are so amazing! I was very lucky and only had great food experiences the couple of days I was in Chicago. I highly recommend all of these places. I hope you get to go!!!! Ciao bishes!