cucumber toast / the best dressing in the world

Since I was very young, I’ve loved cucumber sandwiches with cream cheese. When I started eating fewer animal products, I stopped eating cream cheese, and the grocery stores near me don’t sell vegan cream cheese. RATS! No more delicious cucumber sandwiches for me, I thought.

But then I realized cream cheese isn’t the only delicious thing in the world.  For instance, my mom makes a really yummy dressing in the summer, when her garden explodes with cucumbers.  So I’ve started eating a lot of cucumbers on toast with this dressing to get my cucumber and cream cheese sandwich fix. It’s not exactly the same, but the dressing is creamy and tangy, so it hits the spot.

The dressing uses mayo, which is not vegan, but it’s possible to buy vegan mayo, and it’s really easy to make yourself! I will put a few recipes for vegan mayo below. This dressing goes really well as a sauce on other sandwiches too, and tastes great with roasted artichokes and green salads. Enjoy!

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freakin’ delicious granola bars

I am not a breakfast person, not because I don’t need or want it, but because I don’t really live a “get out of bed in time to make yourself breakfast” life. On weekends, I love making myself a late breakfast/brunch, but during the week, I just haven’t figured out how to motivate myself to start my day with food, instead of the snooze button. That’s why these granola bars RULE. They are actually really yummy, they’re filling (for a not-real meal), and they keep me fuller than, say, an apple or toast (my other go-to breakfasts…smh). These are easy to eat quickly, in-transit, or at your desk (or in the bathroom if you need to sneak it…).  Full disclosure: the overhead for this recipe is a little expensive, BUT you can make soo many granola bars with them, and they are ingredients you can use in a lot of other dishes, too! Continue reading freakin’ delicious granola bars