avocado tahini toast

This recipe was inspired by an avocado toast I had when I last went home to Ann Arbor. I got potato tacos (which, incidentally, were good as hell) and a side of avocado toast with tahini and cucumbers, which turned out to be an absolute monster. The bread was so thick, it was too big to fit in my mouth vertically. I was uncomfortably full after the meal, but I couldn’t get that avocado toast out of my head… It was love at first bite! (Has anyone thought of that joke before? Highly doubt it!) The nuttiness of the tahini complemented the subtle sweetness of the avocado, and the creamy textures of the tahini and avocado were interrupted perfectly by the crunch of the cucumbers. The only thing I wished for was some heat, so I added some red pepper flakes and cayenne to my version. This is perfect brunch food because it doesn’t take you to a painfully full place (unless you also eat it with a full plate of tacos) but it does keep you full until din din. Try not to get too big of a head for making yourself fancy avocado toast though (ha ha!).

The picture here is an earlier version of the toast in which I just sliced the avocado instead of mashing it; I also ate half before I remembered I wanted to take a pic. Anyway, not that important. This recipe is extremely flexible, so live your dreams.  And if anyone is in Ann Arbor looking for a hawt bite, check out Avalon Café and Kitchen! Their food is so good—I highly recommend their potato tacos, avocado toast, and shakshuka. Continue reading avocado tahini toast


roasty toasty guacamole

My family grilled tonight so I tried something I’ve been wanting to do for a while: guacamole made with grilled avocados, corn, and onions! Here’s the “recipe.” All the proportions are adjustable, obviously, although I really liked how it turned out.  This recipe is definitely not very quick as far as guacamole goes, but it’s not difficult, and it’s REALLY delicious. Enjoy!

1 avocado

1 ear of corn

1/4 of an onion

1 clove of garlic

1 tbsp of lime juice

2 tsp salt

Olive oil as needed

Prep your veggies! Shuck the corn, rub some olive oil on it, and salt it.  Cut the avocado in half and remove the pit.  Lastly, quarter the onion and remove the skin. For the onion, you can either separate the layers if you want charred bits on more of the onion, or leave it as a quarter and grill it all together.

When your grill is hot, put your corn on the grill.  This will take the longest to grill up.

Next, put your avocado face down on the grill.  You can put it either right on the grill, if your grill is clean and oiled, or in a grill pan, which is what I did.  You do not need to use any oil on the avocado; the avocado has tons of yummy fat in it already and it will grill really well with no added oils.

If you use a grill pan, you can also pop the onion in with the avocado. If you’re not, you can put a bit of oil on the onion and put it directly on the grill.

The cooking time depends on how hot your grill is and how well done you like your vegetables, but my corn took about 20 minutes (rotating it every 5 minutes or so to get every side nice and charred), and my avocado and onions took about 10.

Once everything is done being cooked, grab a big bowl. Scoop the avocado in. Cut the corn off of the cob and add that. Dice your onions however big you like; I did medium-large pieces. Add those as well.

Next, mince your garlic. Add the garlic, salt, and lime juice to the bowl, and mix it up until the ingredients are evenly mixed through, and to your desired consistency!