review: homegrown collective soap-making kit

I love the idea of being a DIY gurl. The kind of person who understands how shit gets made and who makes their own stuff. That’s why I love to understand the science behind cooking and baking, why I like reading ingredient lists of pre-made/processed foods, why I have always loved cooking and DIY shows, why I watch How It’s Made to destress (any other How It’s Made fans out there??? So good. Highly recommend). I just like that kind of thing. There’s something satisfying about making something that you usually buy. Like fuck you, maybe I CAN live detached from the corporate teat. And sometimes it’s just fun do get crafty and make stuff.

Anyway, recently, one of my bfffs got me a Homegrown Collective box for a present (she fucking rules!!), and I finally got around to using it this weekend! The box I got was a soap-making kit. It included so much stuff:

  • 3 bars of different varieties of high quality melt-and-pour soaps
  • 3 baggies of dried flowers
  • A baggie of pumice powder
  • A little container of activated charcoal
  • 2 lil bottles of honeysuckle and bergamot essential oils
  • A loofah
  • A little pipette
  • Popsicle sticks to stir
  • Molds (with lids so you can give them to people/transport them easily!)

Basically everything you need to make 3 bars of soap. They came with great instructions that were helpful for me since I’ve never made soap, but I think that even for someone who knows what they’re doing, it would have been fun to mix and match ingredients.

I was able to make 3 bars of soap: goats milk soap with bergamot essential oil and dried hibiscus, lavender, and chamomile flowers; white melt-and-pour soap with pumice and tea tree and eucalyptus oils; and clear melt-and-pour soup with activated charcoal, dried hibiscus flowers, and honeysuckle and tea tree oils.

The instructions were clear and straightforward, the soaps were fun to make, now I have 3 dope bars of soap that would have been expensive AF at Lush, and there were tons of leftover flowers, charcoal, pumice, and essential oils so I can buy more melt-and-pour soap to make! Also, they have great branding. Lovely font and packaging. I’ve only tried the soaps once, so I can’t speak to how they would affect my skin, but they contain coconut oil and are supposed to be very nice. If you are feeling soap-making (or other types of projects) or you want to get a DIY bish a cool present, check out the Homegrown Collective!


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